Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shadow Empire - Terracotta Warrior Swordsmen Unit

Today sees the second unit of terracotta warriors for the Shadow Empire army finished. I had a little trouble finding command figures for this unit as I only had one set of the John Jenkins Designs command, and alas they are no longer available. After some searching I found an excellent source of Chinese Qin era miniatures at Renegade Miniatures in their Warring States range. I had previously sourced my Qin shields, halberds and swords from them (okay, the swords are Saxon, but nobody will notice, Shhh.) Not only do they have plenty of infantry and command figures, but also a good range of cavalry, so I guess those terracotta warriors riding bronze horses is going to be happening now.

On another note, Renegade's customer service is exemplary, they made sure I got exactly what I was after and then some, I can't recommend them highly enough.

Here's the Renegade command set below. There are a couple of officer models, the other one with the fabulous moustache will be leading the crossbowmen.

I particularly love the standard bearer. I made the standard from steel rod and a printed flag (repainted once attached and folded/torn) topped with a plastic skull for garnish.

The John Jenkins sculpts are a lot of fun, the definitely have a nice sense of humour to them. I love the guy on the left here who's using another warrior's arm as a weapon. His back is entirely caved in, as is the warrior's back on the right, who has given up his shield in favour of holding his torso together. They probably secretly hate Mr 'All in one piece' there in the middle.

So onto the crossbowmen. Once they are done, it'll be onto the non clay-based portions of the army such as LoPan's retinue and the vampires. I will be adding the aforementioned cavalry and a chariot to the terracotta contingent down the line as the army grows.


  1. Oh wow, these are getting even better.

    You seem to have more distinct grey areas visible on some of these - the standard bearer in particular - than you had on the last batch. I really like it, more visually interesting.

    Really brilliant Mr S. The up and coming heroic types are just going to make it better again too.


    1. I stippled them with areas of Shadow Grey over the basecoat to break up the colour a little. That kind of thing seems pretty common on the real warriors, as well as traces of paint that still remain. I did this with the first batch too, but it was too light, so the drybrushing mostly covered it up. I was more heavy handed with this unit, so it shows though a lot better.

      Many thanks for the kind words!

  2. Impressive, I'm in love really, it's unusual and despite the very restricted palette, they're still easy to read. I have to say the broken ones do add a bit of welcome flavour. Given that we're only at the rank and file stage , I bet this will get even better with higher ups !

    1. Thanks JB! I'm really looking forward to adding in the characters and such once the horde is finished.


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