Monday, February 27, 2023

Stargrave 2 - Mutants and Murderers


Two more for the blood God. My band grows just a teeny bit today with the addition of another pair of absolute bastards. May I introduce Gerhart Voke and Abelard Dake.

Abelard Dake is another Diehard miniature, and a particularly crazy mutant. He's wonderfully nuts, and makes a great companion to Conrad Freig, who is also from Diehard. They both function as Ravaged Troopers in my Stargrave warband.

Abelard lost his life in service to Khorne as Conrad did, and was similarly revived by Khorne (after a fashion) to continue his ravages as a berserker. Life with a knee-face is probably pretty terrible, but that giant chainsword probably makes up for some of the practical setbacks. He keeps his hair looking sharp too. Somehow.

Gerhart Voke. This guy. This guy looks like he is just the WORST. Look at that face. I mean, he must just love his job. Gerhart hails from The Blooded Killteam box, which is just cracker, and contains the long lost and now found again chaos ogryn and corrupted commissar. Some of the new 40k chaos kits are just magic. The Accursed Mutants and new Jakhals kits are delicious. 

Gerhart is, as you'd expect, a heretic Astra Militarum trooper. Many such wretches serve Vortag, though few with the zeal and delight Gerhart displays. A total psychopath, he finds the service of Khorne a kind of murderous paradise, and indulges his brutal impulses with frenzied abandon. His continued existence, given his lack of caution in the face of enemy fire, is statistically almost zero, which has piqued Vortag's interest. Perhaps Khorne has plans for Gerhart.

Next up, the man himself, Aesir Vortag.


  1. Really nice, love the retro-style models next to some of the latest GW kit.

    1. Thanks Slovak. Uniting minis from different ranges and eras in an army or warband is a something I'm very fond of.

  2. When we saw the first group photo, we thought that, compared to Abelard's arm sticking out of a giant mouth, Gerhart was particularly lucky; then, when we read that the latter is the worst of the three, we shuddered...
    We really like the Diehard miniatures (although we don't own any at the moment), but you managed to perfectly match them with the GW ones in your little warband: thanks to a great paintjob and a fascinating narrative background. What colors did you use for the skin of your M&M?
    And now we wait to see who will be next!

    1. Thanks Rodor. These guys are all far beyond redemption, but it tickles me to make the outwardly human one the worst of the lot.

      The skin is Wraithbone GW primer, then a wash of 1:1 Contrast Medium:Darkoath Flesh. Then a recess wash of Darkoath Flesh. Highlight with Kislev Flesh, Screaming Skull and finally Pallid Wych Flesh. Then a glaze of 2:1 Lahmian Medium:Reikland Fleshshade.

      Next is the leader. A fallen Captain of the World Eaters, and a mini a great personal significance. He led my armies some decades ago, and has been resting, unpainted, for a quarter of a century in his tub.

  3. These are just brilliant looking minis and you've painted them wonderfully!

  4. A totally bonkers trio of crazies…
    Beautifully painted… as always.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Cheers Aly! I do like my muties on the far side of weird.


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