Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fimir - The Banner Rises


Finally, I've finished the standard bearer for the first fimir unit. Man, that took an age. I must have had this guy on my table for a month. I have no idea why he took so long, but boy, am I glad he's done. He did have a pretty terrible accident while he was being painted, I knocked him off the table and he pretty much exploded when he hit the ground. This added some major repair and repaint time. I agonised over the banner design for a while too, eventually settling on a Celtic tattoo style on hide.

He sits nicely into the unit, and the raven on his banner looks good beside those on the unit filler. There is one teeny problem though, perhaps you fine folks might offer an opinion. When I was repairing him, I forgot the banner pole was positioned very specifically to avoid the musicians elbow. Now, it doesn't, so he sits a little oddly on the move tray as the pole rubs up against the model beside him. I can leave it, or cut the pole just under the wrappings under the fimm's hand. What say you?

Here's a wee groupshot of some of the finished members of the Súile na Lisaart. Half the unit is now painted. Woot!


  1. I definitely don't think you should spoil a great looking model (and unbalancing the look by removing half the pole would do that) for the sake of something as mundane as ranking things up. If anything, see of you reposition the musician so he's not facing forwards, or just move him further towards the back of his base or something. Of swap the models around, so that the side with the banner is next to a normal guy.

  2. Thanks Angelic. Actually, swapping the champion and musician has solved the problem, it seems!

  3. Really great looking banner! Great free hand work and with that style it ties in well with the tattoos on the Fimir Warrios, which you by the way have done a really great job with. Love the look of this unit and I imagine it takes quite a lot of time finishing up such a unit. Keep up the good work!

  4. Very pretty, well worth saving Private Ryan... I mean, the banner bearer!

  5. Huh, I'm glad the advice was so helpful and so simple! And even more glad that the very good looking firmir standard bearer has been saved!


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