Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fimir - Independant Army Book

I noticed on The warhammer armies project this morning that he's released his Fimir army book based largely on the Warpstone 25 background, the same background I'm theming my own army on. While I'm personally using the Warriors of Chaos list so I can play in tournaments and so on, the book looks interesting at first glance, and is a good repository of reference material and inspiration for fimir armies and units at the very least.

I'll probably give it a go in some friendlies, and I do like some of the more exotic units entries such as the fomorians and the boglars. I'll have to have a closer look at the army list to give a more detailed review, but it does look like fun after an initial flick through.


  1. While I prefer to write my own histories and lists (working with a set of legal rules to assure not too much variation)for my Fimir, this does look very comprehensive. I've wanted to read that Warpstone stuff for a while, not doing so because it's not easy to get hold of and because I wanted to put down my own ideas for the origin and lifestyle of the Fimir before reading someone else's. Now that's done I might just take a peep... the Nuckelavee is a nice addition as fast cavalry. Maybe I should take some more Kelpies and shift them from being troll-based monstrous infantry to being fast cavalry. That would even out my list which already has Mistmor as monstrous infantry and troll-sized character models.

  2. Yep, there's some interesting ideas in there. While I'll probably stick with my giant worm/slug/slimy bug theme for my own fimir, there's no reason I can't use the massive bile worm on a 50x50 as a daemonmanic and so on. It's personally very convenient that the list is based on warpstone's take on the fimir, as it'll mesh better with mine if I do ever use it.


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