Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chaos Dwarves - The Destroyer

I have a friendly tournament coming up, and thought it might be a good time to try out the new chaos dwarf list from Tamurkhan. To that end, I took a little break from the fimir, as I resolved to finally assemble my destroyer for this weekend. It's an old Leviathan dwarf war golem, and I think it makes a perfect K'daai destroyer. (All the models from Leviathan can be gotten from Scotia Grendel.) I may need to emphasise the possessed nature of the construct in the paintjob though. I've had this fellow (and 2 more similar to him) for about twenty years, and the model did show it's age a little during assembly. The resin is like concrete, which is great for durability, but sucks when you're trying to sand or drill it. A mask is a must, as resin dust, it's bad for you, kids. There was a lot of hacking, cleaning and sanding needed, and the model is still a little off here and there, but essentially it turned out well. Some green stuff for filling bubbles and gaps, and it's ready to prime. It's pretty huge, as you can see from my daemonsmith next to it.

Hopefully it'll last long enough to make combat!

Wayland Games

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