Friday, March 2, 2012

Arooo! - New wolves not just for 40k.

I'm very happy about a new 40k set that's just out. No, wait, let me explain.

The new Fenrisian wolves have just been released, and boy, are they fantastic. I've long hated the Games Workshop plastic wolves. I used them to make my unit of dire wolves, and they were just about acceptable with conversion. But these new wolves make the old wolves look truly dreadful. I foresee many of these wolves appearing in fantasy armies as mounts, chariot beasts, warhounds, dire wolves etc. I for one will be using them to carry my hobgoblins. They look as if there is no 40k paraphernalia on them at all, which I'm sure was a deliberate decision on GW's part.

A nice little extra as I count down to tackling my decimated fimir standard bearer this evening.

Wayland Games

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