Sunday, March 4, 2012

Warhammer Forge - Skin Wolves

Forge World, you do spoil me of late. I must admit, I am loving the expectation of completely new creatures and units that are churning out of Warhammer Forge these days. Might I draw you attention to the latest releases, the skin wolves and arcane frogs.

The skinwolves are fanbleedin'tastic. Lanky frothing horrors, I really want to put a unit together. They are another example of the 'warhammerising' is another fantasy stable. Not werewolf, but skin wolf. Not wraith, but cairn wraith, not ghoul, but crypt ghoul etc.  For all that, though, they look the biz, and let's face it, getting warhammerised isn't the worst thing that can happen to a wolf these days. Think what might happen if it had been a poor shed, all of a sudden our humble outhouse would have had fifteen foot skulls carved into it's front door, roof, interior walls and so on. And I LIKE the warhammer scenery...

The rules are interesting, Movement 7 and WS5, and I5 are pretty good,  with fear, frenzy and a 5+ regen, upping to 4+ if you take the mark of Tzeentch. The S4 and T4 is hmeh, but W3 and the regen make them survivable.

I still wish fervently that all these new units can be taken in more than just storm of magic games when the new Monstrous Arcana book comes out, we'll see I guess.

The arcane frogs, well, wonderful. I'm still waiting to see what Mr King of Bederken Miniatures comes out with with his upcoming selection of fantastic froggies. I'll hold my whisht till then.

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