Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wishful Thinking - Top 10 Most Wanted

Having seen Thantsants top 10 most desired Citadel miniatures on Somewhere the Tea's Getting Cold, I decided to mull over my own list of the miniatures I most covet from the mists of time. I thought though, I'd include series of miniatures as well as individuals. Here we go! Oh, and thanks to all the folks whose images I may have pilfered a bit.

10.  Jes Goodwin - Hrothyogg, Ogre Captain. (C23 ogres)
I'm not an ogre player, but I've always loved this ogre. If I did play ogres, this would be my tyrant, hands down. Plus Jes Goodwin is one of my favourite sculptors.

9. C100 Space Marines
Not fantasy, but I've a mild impulse to build a squad of these venerable old space marines.I loved Rogue Trader, and they remind me of it a lot. I have five or six, so we'll see.

8. Zoats
I don't know why I like zoats. But I do. I'm currently hunting for one to use in storm of magic games.

7. Kevin Adams - Citadel Orcs
You want character? You won't find better than the goblinoids of Kevin Adams, specifically the Citadel  ranges of the 1980s. The GW orcs of today are cool, but the 80s orcs, these are the real deal. One of my long term army goals is to build an orc & goblin army from this range. I have some few, but many more are still out there...

6. Realm of Chaos Chaos Thugs
Ah, realm of chaos. What a great time to play chaos. The chaos miniatures of the time were, and are, fantastic. I loved the thug models with the crazy armour, random mutations and general madness.

5. Original Krell, Mikael Jacsen & Heinrich Kemmler
This trio have long eluded me. I have pretty much every undead miniature Citadel ever released, but these lads still manage to stay out of reach. Want.

4. Chaos Dwarf Hobgoblins 
1990's chaos dwarf hobgoblins. I need a stack of these, and boy are the pricey. Easy enough to come across, if one has the cash. So far I've had to skirt around ebay picking off stragglers. Still, getting there.

 3. Night Horrors
Citadel night horrors. Now we're talking rare. There are still a handful of these that I haven't managed to acquire, and one or two I've never even seen for sale. Sigh.

2. Chaos Dwarf Ass Cannon
Yes, the infamous asscannon. I would simply love one of these for my chaos dwarf army. The look on folks faces would be utterly priceless. Sadly, this is as rare as hen's teeth. Were you to put a gaggle of chaos dwarf enthusiasts into a room with one of these things, blood would flow for possession.

1. The Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut
The big one. I doubt I'll ever own this rarest of models, and the prices it commands put it well out of reach, but one can dream.


  1. I have painted some of these figures, the Heinrich Kemmler and the ass-cannon. I have to tell you that they are old sculpts and the details are, erm, not detailed. Sculpting and casting have moved on massively, you might be a little disappointed if you ever manage to get hold of them. I actually own the ogre and some hobgoblins and again, while not as crude as the older sculpts, they do suffer in comparison to newer models. It's good to look down memory lane, but don't forget that those rose-tinted specs might just be hampering your view!

    1. Oh indeed sir! I have enough old models to know how demanding they can be. Today's models are glorious, but I still hanker for some of the older minis, warts and all...

  2. I had Hrothyogg and won my first (and only) painting competition with him. Later that day, some thieving goon stole him from the display table. It still galls me.

  3. That's hateful. What kind of bottom feeder does that? I don't blame you, that would fill me with wrath too.

  4. Right, I'm going to show my ignorance here, but I've never seen the Ass canon before - what a mini!

    Great list - Hrothyogg is a firm favourite and on the "to buy" list". I've got a small band of thugs slowly growing when I see them going cheap.

    Nice taste in Orcs by the way ;)

    1. The cannon is hard to ignore.

      You are the orc go-to-guy, doncha know!


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