Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fimir - The Half Dead, Update 1

 So inspired was I by my test model, I went ahead and test built the entire unit of half-dead. They're a mix of several kits, Mantic zombies, GW skeleton heads, Warlord Games Celts and a few other bits and bobs. I'm liking the way they rank up and the general movement of the models, but there's a few changes to add here and there, as well as the copius green stuffing I need to do once I start actually building the unit properly. You can see the mock-up of the slave driver here too, who will be part of a unit filler. I wanted to give him some height, so he's scaling a rotten tree stump so he can better administer the lash of his leystone-tipped whip.




  1. Nice use of parts and the end result is looking really promising. Looking forward seeing it painted.

  2. These look fantastic! Can't wait to see them painted up!

  3. Thanks, I'm rather looking forward to seeing paint on them myself. Got to finish painting a bleedin' castle first though...

  4. *claps*

    I look forward to seeing your Fimir army in it's final, completed glory. So much so I don't even seem to mind the castle's interruption as much as you do! Good things come to those who wait... except you, who have to do the actual work here.
    Seriously though, I'm loving your work on the bog-folk.

    1. Thanks Gavin. I think my impatience with the castle comes from the fact I'm enjoying working on the fimir army so much. There are three or four units I simply can't wait to start on.


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