Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fimir - Meargh Update 3

I'm about half way through painting the meargh, and enjoying it immensely, though the slight pressure of having to have her done this day next week is lighting a fire under my rear to say the least. I won't get the water effects done in time, but apart from that she should be ready to rock.

I essentially want her to look like a mean old fimir granny.

No part of her you see here is entirely done, though the hair, staff and skin are almost there. The robe is difficult, I want it to look pretty worn and a bit grimy without just looking just plain old rubbish. The cowl will be as much of a pain too, I'll warrant. The pool in front of her will have three skulls half submerged in bog water, I'm really looking forward to this bit. I love doing the swampy bases. Also, after  a bit of mulling, I think I'll add a little ivy to the staff, not much, just a few strands of Army Painter's poison ivy.

Once she's done, I'll be doing a 50mm base with a floating rock platform for her to float about on, trailing weed and gunk as if she just willed it up out of the swamp. The altar of Fimul (war-shrine) model might go the same way, either that or a fen-beast style conversion thingamy.


  1. Well you have succeeded...she looks like a pissed off granny...nice work!


  2. Woah, nice. Old grannies like this at my office apply a purple rinse to their withered barnets...

  3. Oh, and I published some F word gossip tonight on my blog in a report of UK Games Day 2012.

    1. Cheers Werekin, nice post on Games Day.


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