Monday, August 27, 2012

Warploque - Flintloque?

Today on the blogoverse I came across this little nugget. Warploque miniatures are threatening to produce a set of pseudo Napoleonic/Fantasy regiment, the Albionnican 27th foot. I'm a total sucker for unusual miniature sets, and it takes my mind off backing the Reaper kickstarter (thankfully finished now, I almost hit that pledge button a few times) or buying the 40k Dark Vengeance set. I don't even play 40k, what the hell is wrong with me? They put in a limited edition plastic figure and I'm all a quiver.

I was, and am, a big fan of the fantasy Napoleonic era game, Flintloque. There's nothing out there quite like it, and I loved the chunky but utterly enthralling figures for the game, the Witchlands forces in particular. These figures seem very close to being useable in the game, though the 'English' forces in the game were orcs, as I recall.

I like Warploque's stuff, the zombie pirates in particular are wonderful. These lads look good, thought the mix of medieval and Napoleonic era gear is slightly grating, and it's hard to make out some of the detail as these appear to be masters, but I love them all the same. I wish they all had rifles rather than crossbows though.

This set is only going to be cast if Warploque get 15 orders. Seems a small ask, but at the time of writing only one set has been sold, so if you like em', order by the 10th of September.


  1. I have also noticed the similarity between Warploque and Flintloque, although I doubt I will be buying these minis (well maybe one or two if they are released that way).

    There is another game in development that you may want to check out see this link.


  2. Flintloque is still going as a game, being made by Alternative Armies, although IMHO, the quality of the miniatures and sculpting has gone down in recent years. These minis look much bette, although the technology looks more rennaisance/steampunk than Naploeonic.

    I also see overtones of Discworld.

    Interesting minis.


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