Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kings of War - Rulebook Arrives!

My Mantic pledge goodies arrived today, the hardback rules, small rulebook and dice. A nice haul. I've only thumbed through the rules, but it's very nice quality, plenty of photos of miniatures of armies clashing and such, and lots of illustrations. A beefy background section, and the rules look great fun. I'm looking forward to reading it in more depth, maybe on the holidays...


  1. Any idea if they are different rules to the previously free-to-download quick start rules? The book certainly looks big.

  2. i think i was a good call to support mantic mate. enjoy your stuff :)

  3. @ Godless, yeah, they are quite different, more fleshed out. Good though, simple, and they look fun. I really like that there is no removal of casualties until the unit is destroyed completely.


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