Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fimir - Meargh Update 2

I've finished converting the meargh's staff. I left the arrangement pretty much as it was, but I moved it down a little so it wouldn't look top heavy, and added the parchment wrapping around the branches. This will have ogham script running along it eventually. A little greenstuff to blend the branches into the staff, and it's ready to paint.

As to the owl, well, after some musing I decided to leave it out. Both dirach will have familiars, so I thought it might be a bit much to have both the dirach and the meargh with them.


  1. Looking good - especially the shadow its casting.

    Very sinister!

  2. Very cool, excellent green stuffing!

  3. You continue to impress, sir! Things seem to develop apace with this army.

    *Sinister smile* Lock up your daughters, the Fimir are rising...

  4. Cheers all. Yes, hopefully this pace will continue and indeed accelerate.

    I've already steeled myself for the jibes when this army hits the tournament scene...


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