Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fimir - The Half Dead

I've been thinking about a new unit for the fimir for a while now, a kind of infantry version of the fenbeast, perhaps to represent chosen (I'm using the Warriors of Chaos list) and I've come up with the half-dead, taken from an old story from 2000AD's Slaine. I think a combination of skeleton, Mantic zombie and wood elf dryad parts will do the job nicely to represent the distorted sludgy horrors I'd like to create. I got the weirdstone idea from Slaine too. Here's my fluff for the unit.

The Half-Dead 
At the edge of the fens surrounding the holdings of the fir domhan stand carved stones twice the height of a man, jutting eerily out of the bog. Many are overgrown by moss and weed, or have begun to list as the swamp inexorably undermines their foundations. It is at these places the traveller must avoid trespass at all costs, for in doing so he will awaken their awful guardians.

These terrible creatures are the leathery remains of those sacrificed to Fimul by the meargh and dirach of the clan over the centuries. They are given the semblance of life by a shard of Leystone, which is jammed into the throat of the sacrifice once it is cut. The leystone, or weirdstone as some call it, slowly pulls magical power from the depths of the fen the body lies in, often re-shaping muscle from rock, root or mud until the half-dead is ready to emerge, sometimes months, or even years later. The natural preservative in the bog gives the creatures a leathery, distorted appearance, all the more awful because of the blue glow spilling from their eyes and mouth.

The full horror of the creatures name is only apparent when in battle against them. Not the mindless grasping of the undead for the half-dead, but instead the berserk strength of madmen, for each still contains a soul, trapped there by the leystone and bound to serve the fimir for all time. There are tales of some fimir holds long since abandoned, whose marker stones are guarded still.

Morgayne only calls on these warriors in times in great need. The terror they inspire makes them hideous foes, as many of the tribes tell stories of warriors dragged screaming down into the swamp in the embrace of the half-dead. More still tell the terrible tale of Sreng, once a mighty human warrior who dared to kill a meargh, but now serves as the most powerful and cursed of the half-dead, who never sleeps, but dwells in madness under the stinking waters. 

Such is the gift the fimir have for vengeance.

Wayland Games

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