Friday, July 13, 2012

Oldhammer - Gathering Momentum

There's always been a few individuals who still enjoy a bit of early edition Warhammer. (3rd ed for me please) Lately this has been picking up a bit of steam, thanks in great part to the Realm of Zhu and Oldhammer. I have a lot of fond memories of this period, and I love the miniatures from around the time of 3rd edition Warhammer (I have the entire undead catalogue, for example). I'm sure a great deal of you young bucks were either infants or non-existent when I started down the gore-soaked road of warhammer, (pat pat) but for those who were there, or simply those interested in the days of yore, take a gander.

You can even get t-shirts.


  1. Hooray for liberal rules placing greater emphasis on narrative and characterful gaming than on tight strategy! Hooray for complex psychology! Hooray for multicultrual armies based on alignment! Hooray for random chaos happenings and individualism within the rank and file! Hooray for looting baggage trains! Hooray for 2nd and 3rd ed fantasy battle!


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