Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daemons - New Models and Rules Inbound

Well, looks like the rumours of warriors of chaos getting a new book in August were off the ball, or perhaps a victim of the GW release shuffle that's been going on.

Instead, a new host of daemons greet us, with new plaguebearers, nurglings, blue scribes, flamers and a big Slaaneshi chariot. The nurglings in particular look great. One hears a pamphlet will be released to update both the daemon army book and codex, exciting news for daemon players. Here's a video on the new update.

One thing that worries me a little, I hear the soul grinder is getting a fantasy release. Surely a new model would be required? It looks pretty 40k. Maybe someone is pulling my leg...

The images below are via Dice and Brush.


  1. I saw the updated rules, Soul Grinders are indeed in Fantasy now. I agree, it looks too 40k-ish but I guess it's just one more thing for us to get creative with.

  2. I think I'd need an arachnarok kit to make a stab at fantasy-fying it. I'm hating that a obviously 40k model has just been lumped into fantasy.

  3. Well, they did just dump a whole fantasy army into 40k, so you can't complain too much. All these images are taken from a video showing the latest WD, hence the poor quality. It's hard to make sense of some of them. The plaguebearers look like they might be going back to 3rd/4th edition style, which could be good. We need better pictures.

    1. It's a small gripe, the rest of the releases look good to great from what I can make out. But. A daemon with a sword in 40k I can swallow, but would a daemon with a plasma gun in fantasy fit in so well? (And yes, I do know that once upon a time you could indeed have 40th millennium weapons in fantasy.) It just jars with me.

  4. Me too, I have to say. I assume the sci-fi weaponry will be swapped out for something more fantasy? But, as you say, that kind of stuff used to exist in the warhammer fantasy world (going back to 3rd and 4th edition). So who knows? Every army has to have a big gribbly or two. None of the efforts since the screaming bell have been to my taste, but it just seems to be the way it is. Still, they are not mandatory, I am looking forward to seeing the plaguebearers in greater detail.

  5. Are GW modifying any rules besides the ones for new models?
    Is this the first time GW are releasing updated rules (rather than just an FAQ) for an army without a full army book release?

  6. Aye, the flamers are getting a change, and the screamers. I think there are other changes, but I can't recall. GW did something similar with VC, releasing the terrorgheist through WD, and changing the rules for banshees and wraiths.


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