Saturday, June 21, 2014

Genestealer Cult - Aberrant Hybrids

I've not had a ton of hobby time lately, so I've been just going nuts with the blu-tack in the little time I do have. I threw together this guy, an aberrant hybrid. I'm guessing not every genestealer hybrid turns out super cool, and some are a little more deformed than others. These are then taken by their brethren and augmented to carry heavy weapons or combat attachments. In game these will work as weapons teams, ogryns, and whatever else. I'd be super intrigued to get some feedback on ugly here. Bear in mind he still needs cables and other do-dahs.


  1. I'd reduce by half the right shoulder but apart from that it is a brilliant conversion. You really get the "Mr Hyde" feeling of a twisted creature. Maybe the claw arms are not big enough compared to the bulky body but the unbalance can also be an asset to give this weird and disturbing appearance to the model.
    I can't really tell by looking at the picture but the head seems to miss a lower jaw, if that's the case, I think sculpting human like lower jaw would emphasise the horror of the character if he does have a lower jaw, well... ust forget about it.
    It definitely is a great starting point for a gene stealer ogryn.

    1. Cheers. The claw arms I wanted to look underdeveloped compared to the body, sort of vestigial. He is missing a lower jaw, he need cables and lens and other stuff to fill it out. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. I'm both interested and disturbed by this bugger... But I say run with it :)

  3. That one looks ****ing scary! Thumbs up!


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