Friday, June 27, 2014

Magos Kurgan - Update 1

Work on the genemechanicus continues, this time focusing on one of the characters, magos Kurgan. Kurgan is based on an old Jes Goodwin model that I acquired in a trade. He'd seen better days, missing his horns and the end of his scythe, but he reminded me of some of the old adeptus mechanicus art I'd seen by John Blanche and Jes Goodwin, so he was put aside for later consideration.

I rummaged around for some bits to 40k up this fellow. His plasma staff is made from bits from the ever useful talos kit. I'll paint the ribbed section of the staff like the fuel cells on a plasma gun. I've seen some people attach servo skulls directly to thier models, and this seemed like a great idea to give him a more mechanicus feel and mark him out as a character. The poseable cabling from Dragon Forge is a magical addition to any bits box, instantly adding sci-fi cred to any model. Some green stuff, and he was ready for priming. Here he stands now, awaiting some paint.

I'm trying to get the first half a dozen members of the cult ready for an upcoming demo game at BroCon. Here are two more fellows awaiting some attention. Nothing like a deadline to keep you going.

Wayland Games

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