Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WSIWYG in 40k

No way man, we're like, totally just regular guardsmen.

Lately, for the first time in decades, I've re-entered the grim darkness of the far future of warhammer 40k. This had been spurred on by a long-held desire to start a genestealer cult force and the encouragement of one's peers. It's been a bit bewildering, coming as I do from the comfortable familiarity of Warhammer Fantasy where I have a pretty good handle on what's going on to a situation where I have no clue what the hell I'm doing. Despite this, I've tied down the bones of what I want to do and have set to it.

With that in mind, and now that I've started work on the models, I wonder how vital WSIWYG is to 40k. It seems more essential than in the fantasy counterpart, where if a few models in a unit have shields and others do not it's no big deal as long as the unit is armed primarily with the weapon in the list. In 40k individual models are more focused on so it seems more important the model carries the appropriate weapon.

Now, there's not too much pressure on me to make sure this is the case, and I'll model whatever looks best to me in the end anyway, but I'm curious how 40k players see this. I'm not talking about using a model with a missile launcher as a plasma gun or anything so extreme. I'm referring to, say, a unit with lasguns where some of the troopers might have a las pistol and knife or even an autogun, but most would be armed correctly. What's the take on this? I'm already confusing the issue by saying my squad of deformed hybrids are actually a squad of militarum tempestus scions. Would I be taken out behind the chemical sheds and given a good beating for such behaviour?

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