Monday, August 11, 2014

The Return of Nagash

I've had a bit of a hobby sabbatical over the last few weeks. I think the amount of projects I dearly want to work on versus almost zero time to work on them temporarily killed my hobby mojo entirely. I think my funk is about played out now though, and normal services will shortly resume. The bit of news I saw on BolS yesterday certainly piqued my interest.

Rumours go along the lines of a new model for Nagash, three new kits for Nurgle and a new clampack, new vampire counts, tomb kings, skaven, chaos and dark elf releases as well as new models for Thanquol and boneripper. Also, some new fantasy terrain. Some of these releases seem to be part of the end times campaign. This might be a new book along the lines of Triumph and Treachery, but with a pile of new model rules and releases. Yehaaa I say to that. According to BoLS:

There had been talk for almost a year now that GW is looking to radically shake up the status quo in Warhammer Fantasy, and a myriad of theories about exactly what that meant. The return of perhaps the biggest baddie of them all in the Old World would be a step in that direction.

All this is very exciting, more so with the deluge of 40k of late. We've not had a sniff of fantasy since the wood elf release. I'm very keen on this, new models, rules and such not dependant on an army book release. Here's hoping it's all true. It does seem like a lot of new models, but the rumours point to a big shake up for WFB, so who knows?

Top of the heap here is Nagash. We can't pass by a potential new release for him in the mountain without further comment. I'm a big fan of the over-lich, but there has never been a decent model for the lord of the undead. The only version of him we have is the frankly ridiculous Gary Morley model. I won't go too much further into how bad this model is, the internet is full enough of hate already. We'll just look at this for a second:

Oh God... I'd forgotten. I can't... I can't hold back the tears...
Aaaand move on. Good God.


Jesus. Sorry, I can't seem to look away. It's... sorry. I'm done now. We'll talk about the new version.


I mean, look at the arms. The proportions. That f&*king hat. The staff? With the skull bat/crow? Those goddam shoulder pads?! What in the seven hells were GW thinking? I've seen beautifully painted versions of this, as master painters attempt to beat some dignity into this model. It just can't be done. Okay. Sorry. Deep breath. All done now.

Deeeeep breaths.

So, can you imagine a new version of this guy, with 21st century technology? A new kit, with lots of tasty options? If the concept is worthy, it could be one of the most amazing kits GW have ever done. But there's a lot of expectation here. Here's hoping the ghost of bobo is laid to rest once and for all.


  1. Excellent brushwork and that freehand is amazing.

  2. It's a little-known fact that Nagash is only meant to be human-sized, but it was impossible to squeeze so much realism and magnificence into something only an inch tall...

  3. Anyone got a picture of the first miniature Gary sculpted? Apparently it was rejected so he sculpted the super-goofy mini featured above as a get-back. Actually, I quite like bits of it....

  4. Be careful Dave it is GW where talking about here so you never know the new one might be worse lol, but then again it might just be your amazing paint job that's making the old one look so good.

    1. Jesus Frank, don't crush my dreams! Fingers crossed. Also, I didn't paint that one above, it's the vanilla Nagash from GW as far as I know. I could never bring myself to paint mine.

    2. So you do have one of these? Hahaha, nice.
      A shame though, I kinda like it. It has a very oldschool look. A shame yours will never see full painted glory.

    3. Yep, I do indeed have one. Like the Nagash in the stories, he sleeps undisturbed in his tomb, though my guys place of rest is constructed from polystyrene and cardboard. May he never awaken.

  5. Heh I just saw this! As you saw, I also broke my blogging hiatus to make a very similar post yesterday. Delighted that there are those such as yourself just as excited as me :)


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