Wednesday, March 18, 2015

All Quiet on the Martian Front - First Test Model

Having settled down on a few ongoing projects for the foreseeable future, I am now flitting between them. I'm finding this is keeping my painting mojo high. I decided to crack open the box for the 15mm game All Quiet on the Martian Front and have a go. This drone was the test model for the Martian side. I love the design for the Martian Front models, human and Martian side alike, though there's a lot of bits for some models.

He's still quite big, being on a 40mm base. A bit of a bugger to assemble, with the fitting for the legs being a couple of millimetres too wide for the legs. A touch of greenstuff sorted that though. Painting was very quick, as I decided to keep to a simple metallic scheme. I'll introduce a second darker metal tone on larger models. I did hit him with a green glaze around the joints and such, but it's pretty subtle, so I'll turn it up a little for the next drone. They come in pods of three, so I'll have the scheme down by the time they are done. After that I might tackle one of the huge assault tripods.

The base is from Gladius Game Arts with some added debris from Sgts' Mess, which is a goldmine of various goodies. The bases come in urban and rural, these being the rural ones. They larger bases come with train lines, broken walls etc. I plan on hunting down some HO scale early 1900s automobiles for burned out wreckage on the larger bases.

Wayland Games

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