Monday, March 23, 2015

KnaveCon 5 - Countdown

Not long to go now until the next exciting installment of the mighty KnaveCon, which kicks off at 10am on April 11th, which also happens to be international tabletop day, donchaknow.

Lots going on for the 5th KnaveCon including the Nationals for Settlers of Catan and also DICEMASTERS run by Black Cat Games, who are joining us for the first time. The return of the legend that is KnaveCon werewolf and a new section - KnaveCon Ninjas, for younger gamers to learn some new games, and even a bleedin' raffle! Added to that all the usual fare, free coffee, heart-attack inducing donuts, trade stands, more games than you can shake several sticks at and the love and companionship of your fellow games.

For more information, take a stroll over to Victor Gannon Games, where you'll find the abode of the captain of the good ship KnaveCon. You'll also find us on Facebook.

So pop along and I'll see ye there, especially those brave souls who can stick it out into the wee hours of the KnaveCon night-shift.

Wayland Games

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