Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Genestealer Cult - Brother Scrivello

It's been a while since I added to the cult, but today brother Scrivello steps up. Scrivello is an apothecary of sorts, a loyal retainer to Magus Kurgan and an expert in human and genestealer physiology. He can sew wounds and repair organs that shouldn't even exist. He's also an expert mechanic, which is handy when you're a half-cyborg alien hybrid with a broken ankle.

This model was converted from the Mordheim Aenur, for a painting challenge that saw some fantastic entries. The only common link was every model started out as Aenur. It was a fun exercise, all the more so for seeing what the other hobbyists came up with.

It took some elbow grease to dig out the elf from the cloak, but he succumbed in the end to make way for it's new wearer. The adeptus mechanicus parts are from the kataphron servitor kit and the dark elf wrack kit, both conversion gold. I did replace the syringe needle with brass rod, I could see it snapping in his first game.


  1. Outstanding conversion David. Hats off!

  2. Now that's something! Looks superb. All the new bits inhabit the old cloak beautifully.

  3. He looks great, for some reason as soon as I glanced I thought AKIRA!
    The Skitarii kits are amazing, I bought two boxes but I lack focus.

  4. Yep, a lot of work here that paid ten times !

  5. Thanks everyone! I do like challenges like this, it gives you an opportunity to do something you'd never normally consider. Working on this guy was very enjoyable, gotta love those adeptus mechanicus kits!

  6. That an excellent conversion Dave & I don't know why but to me the way the cloak is on the model seems to make him more sinister nearly as if he was an assassin.


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