Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sons of Anorky - Rubbaleg

Quite a departure today from my recent subjects. With a gaming weekend for Cheetor's birthday imminent, we're going to give the Brewhouse Bash a go. Cheetor (Paul) has already posted his inexplicably attractive Patrick Swayzork, (Click it, it's really worth a look) and there are other rather excellent brawlers in the works. For anyone who hasn't played it, the Brewhouse bash is an old game that came with White Dwarf #223. A pretty random affair that looks like quite a laugh, and a call to paint up an ork brawler is hard to resist.

Rubbaleg is the first ork I have painted in close to thirty years, and I enjoyed painting him a great deal. I used mostly Caucasian flesh tones and then some green glazes rather than using green from the word go. Adding the pool ball and snapped cue gave me a laugh too. Several friends profess a great love for painting greenskins, and I can see why. The large caricatured faces are wonderful to paint.

I've always wondered why orks lend themselves to being themed so well. There's very little that you can't get a chuckle out of orkifying, so humour is probably the key. I have some plans for a band of greenstealers myself, but that's down the road a ways.

So, here's hoping Rubbaleg knocks a few teef out at the weekend. There will be a game report next week!

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