Monday, September 7, 2015

Judgement Day Post 20 - War Marshal Kazan

This week sees Judgement Day reach post twenty. It's been a fruitful collaboration thus far, with over four months of weekly submissions increasing our respective collections. This week, to conclude my East Meg One project I give you the main man himself, War Marshal Kazan.

Siberia for you, and you, and you...

Kazan is a pretty hilarious mini, for a murderous dictator. He's sending everyone to Siberia with that finger. Everyone. The sculpt is a fair bit more buff than the character in the comic, and that moustache...

Apparently Carlos Ezquerra (the artist who worked on the Apocalypse War series) gave him that little moustache as it was quite popular with fascists during the Franco years in Spain. It gave him a chuckle, as it gave me one when I was painting it. The tache, the weird shades, the white crew-cut, he's just fabulous, and manages to totally pull it off. The fact that he's a total bastard helps his cred too. I can't wait to get him on the gaming table.

Kazan presses the 'invade' button repeatedly
With Kazan finished, that concludes my East Meg One project. I now have a hearty group of Sovs, enough to give me options when picking a force. There are at least two new Sov minis coming down the line, which I will certainly be adding to the collection once they are released. For now though, here's the whole gang.

Ahhh... finished.
So what next? Well, There are some Citi-Def waiting to oppose the foreign invaders, and Mortis is looking very lonely in the cabinet all on his own...

Back to Cheetor next week!


  1. Wonderful.

    They look fantastic, stepping straight from the 1980s newsprint 2000AD page, well done. We must set the komrades up in some ruined MC1 terrain for a couple of photos next week.

    1. Thank very much, it's great to have them all done, a finished force is a joy forever.

  2. Good job, you need to get ya bum to BOYL next year to witness the invasion of East Meg 2 by the Living Dead game as Richard Legg is making a custom board all special for it.

  3. Did you just paint Wesley Snipes Dave ? the moment I saw him I thought of him in Demolition man LOL

    Nice group of models you got there mate.

    1. Thanks Frank. It's the crewcut that does it. I love crewcuts.


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