Monday, October 5, 2015

Judgement Day Post 24 - Judge Fear

Phew! That was close. I really thought this was the one that was gonna get past me, but no, Judge Fear just makes it in time for the deadline.

My fears were groundless. Ahem.

Oh, Judge Fear...
This week sees another of the dark judges painted, the Citadel Judge Fear. It's not my favourite of the old dark judge sculpts, but like Fear himself, I can't help but like it despite it's failings. His ankles in particular gave me a nightmare. Removing his tab and pinning them to the base was akin to trying to decide which wire to cut before the timer reached zero and the bomb went off. Steady hands.

Judge Fear is the no-fun-but-you-have-to-bring-him-cousin of the dark judges. ALWAYS first to get smashed up, and a bit jealous of his brothers cooler powers. Plus: mantraps? A shrunken head on his belt? Bat wings on his helmet, which also has a little door he opens to scare you?

He's fantastic, isn't he?

Individually scaring everyone to death. That's gonna take awhile.
We got even more evidence of Judge Fear's loser status in the recent Dreams of Deadworld series in 2000AD. I just can't help rooting for him though. He tries so hard, bless him.

With Fear done, that brings the brothers up to three. I bet you can't guess who's next on the painting table? Next week it's back over to Cheetor in the continuing game of Dredd tennis.

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