Monday, October 19, 2015

Judgement Day Post 26 - Judge Death

This week see the final addition to the dark judges, Deadworld's chief judge, Judge Death. He's probably my favourite Dredd villian, and he's dropped enough one liners over the years to show that he's definitely got more of a sense of humour in him than his brothers. It's probably the rictus grin. His recent outing in 'Dreams of Deadworld' portrays him in a much grimmer light, but still, he's ma boy.

He might be an undead mass murderer...
This sculpt of Judge Death is TINY. He and his lieutenants are 25mm really, but it's still my favourite sculpt of the dark judge's leader. He was quite straightforward to paint, even if I kept finding parts of the model I'd missed sorting during cleanup. Nothing like taking a file to an almost painted mini.

... but Judge Death loves a comfy seat.
With Judge Death finished, that completes my dark judge project. I'll no doubt pick up the Mongoose spirit forms, and probably the Foundry versions too, but that's for another day. Next up I think it's time I took a crack at an actual judge. Judge Williams, to be precise. Bruce Campbell's block judge.

As always, next week it's back to Cheetor at Sho3box.

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