Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kickstarter - Diehard Miniatures

For those of you with a liking for Oldhammer miniatures, and for those of you that just really like great fantasy minis, the Diehard Miniatures kickstarter is currently ongoing. There are several factions, from the amphibious tech-laden Eru-kin to the undead, humans, goblinoids, humans, chaotic monstrosities and even and hawkmen. There are quite a few stretch goals planned too. The pledges allow some mixing and matching between factions, along with a large add on section if you're only after a few models.

Personally I'm looking at the snakemen, if they get unlocked, and the dwarf boar centaur. Anyone with an old school chaos dwarf army might be interested in this fellow. He looks happy not to be pushing a large warmachine/lawnmower. If you get me.

I'm a whirlwind! I'll tenderize you!!
These would work great for Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, and with the expansion for Frostgrave imminent, I'm looking at the undead knight. So, take a gander, there's a lot of good stuff to choose from.


  1. Done and done! Thanks for the heads up. Of course I went with the undead faction because holy moly, it's a freakin' minotaur zombie... but the chaos wizard is mighty tempting too, and I feel like slannesh/tzeentch is grossly underrepresented in my Warhammer Quest collection right now...

    1. Nice one. The undead are great. I love the undead knight and minotaur. the floaty chaos wizard is really excellent too. It's the snakemen I'm really keen on though.


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