Thursday, May 5, 2016

Adeptus Mechanicus - Techpriest Samdai

I recently finished this mini for a Rogue Trader game at KnaveCon 7. Myself and some pals have been running a Rogue Trader roleplaying campaign over Facebook for several months, and the climax of chapter one became the game on the day. It was very cinematic having characters you were very familiar with race through the jungle to get to the landing pad before the giant floating sac of evil escaped.

Samdai here is a tech priest, though is currently on the run from the Adeptus Mechanicus due to some mystery as to his origins. He's from Bob Olley's magnificent set of Adeptus Mechanicus models. While I love that whole set, this guy is hands down my favourite Ad Mech model of all time. This particular mini was in a bad state when I got him. Missing his axe head, scored and flattened in several places, he needed a lot of love to nurse him back to health, before even a drop of paint hit him. I love restoring mistreated minis though, so it was no chore.

As with many models, I was unaware of the detail on the back, so his ornate backpack was a nice surprise. It's a great shape with it's tubes, exhausts and little 'wings' on the sides.

I plan to add to Samdai's retinue in time with some more Olley Ad Mech, some servitors and maybe a skitarii or two.

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