Sunday, May 29, 2016

Myeri Tiarna - Alan Lee's Fomorian

For today's post, I've returned to a favourite subject of mine.

This handsome fellow is a Myeri Tiarna by Geoff Sims, from the forthcoming Myeri Clan box for The Woods: Legends of Shandisholm (due out August, it looks like it's going to be a beautiful book). He's armed with a Snaghyrn and based on Alan Lee's Fomorian painting. You can find Oakbound here, and their Facebook page here. Anyone who has any interest in the Fimir or Celtic fantasy should really check it out. The background of the Myeri is fascintating, and anyone who loves the fimir will love this as dearly.

The original Alan Lee painting.
The Alan Lee Fomorian is somewhat chubbier than the Tiarna, and the colour scheme is quite different, as I've painted him to match my own clan. It's very nice to have a model based on this painting, the great grand-daddy of them all.

In my own clan this fellow will be Murdach, a noble of the Fir Domhan. Having a more human size noble gives me someone to lead my fimm, and as they are due to go raiding in about a fortnight, he couldn't arrive at a more opportune time.

I painted his cloak Hawk Turquoise to match the other high ranking fimir in the army, and added some freehand detail along the bottom to increase his bling yet further. His bronze has had some verdigris added. He might be a noble, but he still lives in a bog. 

Painting the Tiarna has given me some mojo for adding to the Fir Domhan. There's a Myeri bagpiper around here somewhere...


  1. Nice!

    I didnt realise that figure was approximately 28mm human sized until I read it in the text. All the more impressive painting in that case. A photo of that fellow alonside some of the rank and file would be nice whenever you get a chance.

    Are fimir sea-going? Im imagining something like a Clint Langley Fomorian fleet.

    1. Cheers, I'll pop up a shot of him and his fimm.

      Fimir are indeed sea going, they use great black Viking style longships. I have a longship waiting for an excuse to paint up.


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