Thursday, May 5, 2016

Frostgrave - Deadite Warband #6

I've not been on the blogosphere too much lately, but now I'm back with a finished Frostgrave warband. My deadites are done and have seen battle in several games already. I'll be posting on the huge Frostgrave day we had at KnaveCon 7 soon. The warband still needs a few new additions, a second crossbow, bard, templar and maybe an apothecary, but for now, all done. The last two additions were a javelineer and an archer.

Meet Otto Spade and Godfrey Blackshaft. I dearly love these guys, they look like guys in rubber suits, which suits the Evil Dead vibe perfectly. The are a treat to paint too, if you don't mind all the texture. Which I don't. Oddly, even though Otto's javelin only has a 10" range, he's my best performing ranged attacker.

Here are some of the other members I've painted lately but not posted up.

Caesar, Bad Ash's hound.
Gregor, flying deadite.
Udo, summoned zombie.
I've completed three treasure tokens, also Olley sculpts, the glitter trick worked great on these. I have another five tokens primed and ready for paint. I'm going to paint these nex,t as if I leave them, they'll be hanging out on the shelf of primed for God knows how long.

So, once the tokens are done I'll be looking to my next project, It's going to be for Dragon Rampant. The plan is a Big Trouble in Little China force, showing LoPan in ancient times when he commanded an army. Stolen terracotta warriors, hopping vampires, jade mummies, floating guardians and more besides.


  1. Ace work on this warband - love it! Cool mix of miniatures!

  2. Wonderful work as always, you always seem to be able to tie a disparate group of models together so successfully with your painting and basing skills. The hound has to be my favourite (partly due to nostalgia..)

    1. Thanks very much Stuart, sticking to the palette and basing style eventually pays off with a coherent warband.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Scalene, I am happy with how his rotting dog flesh turned out!

  4. A fabulous warband, really coherent and unquestionably Deadite, rather than vanilla undead.

    I am very much looking forward to seeing Lo Pans hordes grow, but I will certainly be sad to see this as the end of the Deadites. I hope that you will be able to squeeze in a few more as time goes on.

    1. Thanks, they were very satisfying to do I have to say.

      While I'm gunning hard to start LoPan's horde, I'll probably add a few more deadites as time and whim dictate. I see a bard and apothecary in there for sure.

  5. Cracking looking Warband mate, top notch.


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