Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fimir - Bileworm

The bileworm arrived today from Gribbly Miniatures. (Thanks for the link Dreadaxe) It's fantastic, it'll make a perfect addition to the various worms and giant grubs that are beginning to infest the fimir army. I'm very happy with this theme, it'll look pretty great on the tabletop I think. This fellow is probably destined to become a mount for a fimir hero. I have some ideas for how he stays on, mostly involving hooks. Looks like I'll be picking up the savage orc boar boys after all. The orcs will be converted to mounted fimir where I need them, and the boars will be the basis for conversions to chaos dwarf boar centaurs. How's that for looting a kit!


  1. Nice model! How big is it? Could you post a photo with comparison against one of your fimir?

  2. It's about 50-60mm I would say. I'll post up a shot shortly sah.


    I like this theme too. My worm wait for my fimir army too.

  4. That is a very neat looking miniature. Good choice.


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