Saturday, June 25, 2011

Storm of Magic - A Few Surprises

Having been deluged in Storm of Magic images and information today, I have to say I'm cautiously optimistic. It's hard not to get swept away by the 'Ooo! Shiny!' factor, but I am genuinely intrigued. What can be in all those pages? At half the size of the main rules, surely not everything is fluff and magic rules? I have heard a rumour that there are expanded building rules in there too, which would be nice, as the current ones are a little light I think.

I was surprised to see some old faces return too. The chaos dwarf lammasu and great taurus for example. As a chaos dwarf player, I am happy to see them return, but a little surprised they didn't get a makeover. Still, can't complain, the evil stunties have been out in the cold so long, any mention is welcome. (On another note, there's a new vampire counts unit on the way next month. Splendid.)

Then I saw the fenbeast and his mates. Wow, that is a blast from the past. I'm very happy to see the fenbeast, as I'm trying to acquire six to use as trolls in my fimir army and they were hard to come by. Seeing as the fenbeast has new rules in Storm of Magic, I'll be intrigued to read them. 

It does seem as if you can use units from other armies in the expansion. Not crazy about that, but I'll hold judgement until I see the rules. All in all, an interesting time for warhammer. Let's hope it doesn't go the way of that other storm expansion. Slayer army, anyone?

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