Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fimir - Update Time

I've been working away on my first fimm unit for a while now. It's pretty intensive, as most of the models in the unit require pretty extensive conversion. That said, I only have six fimm left to make for the first unit. I've been working on the unit filler since these photos were taken, adding some crows to the standing stone flying over the unit, and another crow on the standard to give the impression the crows are flying over the unit. Nearly there! After this, I need another unit of 20 fimm, the hellcannon (crom, the great worm) the bsb, and a unit of 5 light cavalry and 5 war dogs. By the powers, this army might get finished after all...

The latest two fimm warriors

The first fimm unit, beloved of Lisaart

The army so far...

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