Friday, June 3, 2011

Fimir - Thoughts on Expansion

Howdy folks. I'm back from a lunchtime spent undercoating fimm warriors. It's nice to see the models with a unified colour on them so I can really gauge how successful my green-stuffing has been. So far so good. At this stage, the army is about one third assembled, so my thoughts are turning to expanding the force beyond the 2000pts I've set myself. I'm being quite disciplined, not working on other armies (my chaos dwarves and vampire counts are positively glaring at me) and spending at least an hour every day working on them.

One thing that I've had problems finding is something to represent large fimir creatures, bar converting something, or making it from scratch. (Balor is going to be quite the job) BUT! I did see this, from the groovy Scibor Miniatures:

It's bizarre, and I love it. Now, I'm not just picking random weirdness for the fimir. I have four parts to the army I draw ideas from, the fimir themselves, the Albion humans they are allied with, appropriate undead/daemons, and swamp/bog/Celtic type monsters. Mr snail here fits snugly into the last category. I would probably use him as a Shaggoth. Conveniently, in Warpstone 25, it mentions a giant snail in the background, so happy days. I also love these lads:

But what to use them as? Some kind of daemon the fimir have summmoned mayhap. Fimir are generally not allied to chaos, so I have free reign. Perhaps I could use them as forsaken or chosen. Hmm. I'm concerned with having too much non-fimir elements to the army, as then it just becomes a crazy hodge-podge force, but a little carefully placed madness here and there will only make the army more interesting.

I have the inklings of an idea for a mount for a fimir mist mor (hero) using a chaos spawn converted to look like a warped fimir (if you've ever read Slaine from 2000ad you know what I mean) with ogham stones embedded in his back for the hero to cling onto. This could run as a lord/hero on daemon mount.

As you can see, the problem I'm having is reigning it in long enough to get the first 2000pts done. That said, any opinions or ideas for fimir units or characters that fit the Warriors of Chaos list you have, lay it on me!

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