Monday, June 13, 2011

Bast*rdCon5 Post Mortem

Aahh...the warm afterglow of a gaming weekend. Another highly enjoyable event, though we still can't seem to get the Sunday multi-player game right...

I took my chaos dwarves out again for the Saturday tourney, but the wee lads only managed a loss and a draw. I love that Kolossus, but he just doesn't cut the mustard. (bloody cannons) Inferno golems performed poorly, but they got caught out rotten in both games. The obsidian guard did mighty though, cutting down all in their way. I guess I'll probably be giving the new Tamurkhan list a go soon, so I won't be spending any more time on the evil stunties until I get my hands on the book. The Sunday game was a little stilted, but I had a great time hurling dwarf bodies from the ziggurat my vampires were defending. Good times.

  • Disastrous, though entertaining, nine of my obsidian guard got cooked as the got caught in a boiling flood on turn one.
  • The Kolossus battering a large saurus unit almost to death before being toppled, giving the obsidian guard time to finish the job.
  • The wight king decapitating the tooled-up dwarf lord at the top of the ziggurat. I love killing blow.
  •  The absolute dedication of my opponents to destroy my annihilators at all costs.
  • A lone dwarf lord ALMOST finished a bloodthirster. One wound was all he needed.
  • Watching the vampire lord just wade through all opposition. I used the kit from the vamp in Unseen Lerker 8. Nice one!

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