Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fimir - Crom Rises

Phew. Finally, I have Crom assembled. He was a complete stain to put together. He's actually a Cthulhu miniature from Rafm. You can see him here. Looking at the model, you might wonder how this is the case, but that tentacle assembly was a bit fiddly. There really isn't a clear slot for the three tentacle sections to fit together, and the assembled tentacles (once I pinned the hell out of them) only have a thin slot that sits into the mouth, leaving a massive gap, so I had to sculpt in some more tentacles to fill the gap and hold it together. Poor show, assembly wise, but it does look great once done. As I mentioned before, he's going to represent a hellcannon in my list, so he needed three crew. I had considered fimir with prodders and nets, but this doesn't really fit with the background. No fimir would dare prod Crom, it would be akin to goblins prodding the Balrog into battle. So, after some searching, I found some great giant grubs from Heresy, who will look great sludging along in Crom's wake. I also plan on adding some drooly slime to the tentacles using clear glue or some-such.

I've decided to expand the giant worm thing, and have a bileworm ordered from  Gribbly miniatures to serve as a mount for a mist mor, and I am having a hard time not buying three worm grubs from Trollforged to use as Dragon ogres. I feel I will soon succumb. Now, back to converting fimm warriors...

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