Thursday, October 24, 2013

From the Cabinet - Retro Space Marines

In an effort to re-start the painting engine, I've been looking through my miniatures cabinet for some inspiration. I've never photographed many of my older miniatures, so I though I'd include a few here from time to time.

There's a lot of retro marine love going about at the moment, so I thought I'd pop up a shot of a squad from my first 40k army, the legion of the damned. These lads were painted back in 1992, and as such have seen a lot of action over the years. I'm still a little in love with the old RTB01 space marines. Beaky marines are by far my favourites. Happily I have a pile of them in a box if I ever decide to do more.

I'm slowly coming around to doing some more 40k after a long, long break, but I've a lot of bits to find if I'm ever to get this genestealer cult off the blocks. Some chaos renegades are looking very appealing too though...


  1. Well, I have to say 20 years ago, I wish I could have painted like that. A good squad like this one surely must be giving you ideas for future projects. Maybe painting just one beakie character to add to these guys could be the mental hollidays you need to get your mojo back?


  2. Wow - they look cool. Love the flame work. Best, Dean

  3. Great paint job .
    I like the style you have painted them, and how you have mixed the really early Space Marines with the RTB101 plastic ones and the slightly later 1989/90 one with the bayonet.
    Really captures the feel of 'Rogue Trader era' Legion of the Damned.

  4. Legion of the damned + RTB01 + nice paintjob = coooooool

  5. Now THAT is what a squad of space marines should look like if you ask me. And you say you have more? Whole old school army!

    1. Yep, there are a couple more squads lurking in the cabinet. Some devastators, jump troops, and an old land speeder.

  6. Hey, impressive classic style minis! They are really atmospherical, love them :)


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