Friday, October 4, 2013

ACK ACK! Mantic Mars Attacks Kickstarter

After twenty minutes the Mars Attacks Kickstarter went live it's funded and as I write the first stretch goal is down. That's pretty fast work. The basic set contains a 2'x2' gaming matt, plastic ruins, eight Martian grunts and eight US soldiers as well as four special characters, 1 Martian, 3 human. Dice, rules, cards and counters finish off the boxed game. With the $100 pledge you also get $50 to spend on core add ons, more human or Martian troops, or more scenery. I imagine this will expand as the kickstarter goes on. I look forward to seeing saucers, giant robots, mutant bugs and more human forces, as well as hopefully more special characters.

Wayland Games

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