Tuesday, October 29, 2013

White Dwarf - November 2013

I don't normally review White Dwarf, but this month there's so much in it that I'm looking forward to that I think it's worth it.

The dark elf second wave breaks this month, which has to be one of the most comprehensive race reboots GW have done since the dark eldar. I think the range look great, there's a lot of nods to the older ranges of dark elves, and the new units, especially the warlocks, look fantastic. I can see myself using those sisters of slaughter heads for something in the future too. Great cultist heads, methinks.

The thing that really gets me interested this month though, is the warhammer expansion, Triumph & Treachery. Multi-player, with a deck of back-stabby game event cards and an interesting victory mechanic in the form of  coin counters could be very good. There's also access to mercenaries, 100 points for every 500 points in your army, I believe. I do like that even if you're allied with another player, only the player with the most coins can win. Fingers crossed that this is a decent expansion to the game.

Another exciting release are the new Special Effects Paints. Two rust types, verdigris, gore, a type of crackle paint and a glossy pus paint are the choices. I'm quite eager to try these. At the moment I mix my own flavours of rust, gore and verdigris, so I'm pretty keen to see how these rate. I'm also interested in crackle paint, as I think it has a multitude of uses, from cracked paintwork to shattered armour.

There's a Triumph and Treachery battle report to show off the new expansion,and it does look a lot of fun. For the painters, there's a lot of eye candy in this issue, as well as an article on the new effects paints. All in all, a pretty good issue for the warhammer player and hobbyist.

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