Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Navigating the Hobby Doldrums

Every hobbyist goes through the doldrums at some point. Right now, it's my turn. Following a frenzied painting marathon up to the end of September I find myself drifting a little, my brushes, paints and greenstuff untouched for the last few weeks. Yes, I probably burned myself out a bit. So, what can be done?

It probably doesn't help that I left myself such treats as movement trays to finish up. There's no doing anything else either, I have a little pile of army housekeeping to get done before I get onto anything else. And the 'anything else' has becomes more alluring by the day.

I am looking at a 50 block of old school metal Citadel skeletons to start getting my long neglected vampire counts up to speed. There's a unit of 8 fimir nobles including the Forge World fimir calling for paint. I'm really wanting to paint a squad of Rogue Trader era Nurgle renegades. The assembled pieces of Balor want building and painting. I have a unit of eight crypt horrors made up of metal undead ogres, trolls, minotaurs and so on that have been in the to do pile for some time. The marlwyrm champion needs converting and some sculpting. There's a squad of genestealer hybrids needing some love.

All this, and I can't summon the momentum to lift a sculpting tool or paint brush.


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