Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Warhammer Expansion - Triumph & Treachery

Not the cover. Just a nice picture.
Out of the blue I hear of a new expansion for warhammer devoted to multi-player games coming out in November. I'm always interested in non-army book releases, as occasionally they are great. The General's Compendium and Blood in the Badlands (for the siege rules) being some examples. Here's hoping this is a good one, as while I love the idea of multi-player games, they tend to be a little bit clunky, especially when it comes to the magic phase. Interesting that it's three or more players. How would a three player game set-up work on a 6x4, I wonder?

Here'd what info there is thus far:

Triumph and Treachery is an expansion that allows 3 or more players to battle upon the tabletop… and in the end, there can be only one. 

Its a hardcover expansion book, that comes with a deck of 36 game cards, 5 player turn cards, a pouch of game victory coins, a book with galleries, new artwork, examples of battles, and the rules for playing Triumph and Treachery with 3-5 players. 

The cover of the book is a Dwarf fighting a Chaos Warrior in combat, with a Dark Elf Assassin sneaking in behind.


  1. I like the picture. Particularly how it shoes the Empire attacking a Dark Elf city/town/fortress rather than the other way around. About time someone took the fight to the drucchi.


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