Monday, October 7, 2013

Genestealer Cult Supplement for 6th Edition 40k?

Could it be true? Ever since the Iyanden supplement came out I've wondered would GW do the right thing and bring out a genestealer cult supplement on the back on the tyranid release. It looks like it's certainly a possibility. I can see this being a HUGE success if it does happen. It would certainly get me in gear to kick off the Order of the Dawn, my own cult. For me it would be for 40k what fimir are for warhammer fantasy.

From Bols:

Genestealer Cult (???)
The first "hybrid supplement" - this book will be a combined book for IG and Tyranids. It allows both codices to ally, but heavily restricts units selections on both. Look for smaller "infiltration bugs" such as Genestealers, Broodlords, Lictors and such from the Tyranid side while the Guard are very heavily restricted on units and heavy equipment. The list's HQ must include a psyker warlord from either the IG or Tyranid units allowed. A new psychic power list is included.

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