Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chaos, no, Khaos, er, I mean Abyssal dwarves.

Here's a shot of the new blacksouls from Mantic. Overall, I'm somewhat disappointed. The heads are what I don't care for the most. There are a couple of good ones, a full face dog helm and a weird eyeball-like helm, but most of the others are kind of silly looking. They seem awkward, though I'll withhold final judgement until I see the sprues. Mantic seem to be trying to catch the big hat chaos dwarf fans and the original spiky stunty fans. I would be the latter, but I think they might be falling between two stools. I will probably get one box to see if I can cobble together some decent command figs and fill some gaps in my lines, but I won't be waiting under the letterbox with my hands open.

Let's hope the decimators are better.


  1. I don't think I like them very much :/
    The guy on the right hand side of the front rank? His helmet is just dumb.
    You're right, Mantic are fence sitting trying to get both sets of the chaos dwarf fans (seriously? does *anyone* like the pointy hat guys?).

  2. Well, you'd be surprised. There's quite the fan-base for the big hats. I've seen converted chaos dwarves with hats so big you'd need an oxygen tank to climb to the top of them. Not me sonny!

    Some of the heads look like regular dwarf heads with some demonic bit slapped on. Considering the potential they had here, I am pretty fed-up with the result. I'm just praying there are more heads on the sprue than we see here. I may have to dig old old 6th edition chaos warrior heads and see what can be done.


  3. They are pretty cool but I prefer the old style Chaos Dwarfs with the large stove pipe hats


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