Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fimm Champion - Finished!

The first of my fimir finally steps from the mists! I'm pretty happy with his skin, which was what gave me the most grief. His tattoos were a little fiddly, but putting down the tattoo in a darker skin tone before adding the blue seemed to embed them better and made them look less drawn on. This one-eyed murderer is destined to be a fimm unit champion. I like his ragged cloak, it will mark him out from his fellows nicely. The resin swamp base has plenty of detail, but not so much I couldn't add a little more foliage. I painted the flora at the back of the base to mimic heather in flower, which would grow in boggy areas. I'm quite keen to try one of Bloodmoon minis bog raiders now, as they are a bit more detailed than this old fellow.

This concludes my three mini break from my to-do list. Now, back to that corpse cart...


  1. That guy is awesome.
    Did you put the full base together yourself? I love the heather and swamp look.

  2. Thanks old bean. No, the base is from Microart Studios. I messed with it a bit to get the fimir's feet flush with the ground. I'm tres happy with it. I might order some 40x40 ones for the fen beasts.

  3. It's so nice to see one of the old Heroquest Fimir stepping out of the shadowy realm of dungeons and into the diffuse light of his natural habitat. I'm surprised the Meargh took him back though, since he used to roll with Chaos Warriors... ;-D

    1. Ah, but he had to dispose of his two companions before he was taken back into the fold...


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