Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fimm Champion - Work in Progress

Here's my first fimir as he is at the moment, all shiny and half-done. I've been following the suggestions laid down in Warpstone 25, bar the skintone. I wanted something more fleshy, as the fimir are half human after all. There was plenty of examples of tattoos in the book, but anything vaguely Celtic will look right. This fellow is a devotee of the daemon prince Lisaart, and has Lisaart's snake tattoo on his shoulder, no doubt a gift from his meargh for some deed of cunning. An important point to the background in this guide is that the daemons that the fimir deal with have nothing to do with chaos. He should be done in a day or two, once I've finished his base, added some more highlights, attached his sheepskin cloak and matt varnished the hell out of him.

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