Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fimir - Balefiend Revealed

Every so often you come across a gem of a blog. The Liber Malefic is one such. A mordheim blog, it's full of really great ideas and articles and minis. Check it out. The reason I'm so very happy about this blog today is it gave me this image you see before you.

Joy. The first official fimir illustration from Games Workshop in what, twenty years or so? So, the fimir come striding back from exile into the GW mythos. To say I am happy about this would be to say the Titanic was a dingy. There must have been a gathering at Games Workshop in the recent past, perhaps some corporate strategy meeting where the agenda was clearly: How do we make Mr Saturday happy this year? (Finecast teething problems aside) There can be no other explanation. First, chaos dwarves return, now the fimir, and next month a new vampire counts monster?! It's almost too much goodness to handle.

It's been a good time to be a fan of small angry tusked dwarves, one-eyed reclusive monsters and legions of the undead. Gimme more GW, more. What could be next? Fimm warriors plastic kit? Chaos dwarf plastic bull centaurs? New black knights?

I'm feeling spoiled, and I likes it.


  1. Liber Malefic really is a great blog.

    I'm also happy to see all these older things again, but part of me wonders which of the things we take for granted today could so easily get the chop like they did, and spend a decade or more in the wilderness.


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