Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fimir - Choose a Banner!

I'm starting to think about a design for my battle standard. I'm probably going to use the Impact miniatures Fimir as the battle standard bearer, with some heavy conversion. I've had some ideas for the banner, mostly Celtic artwork fimirised. There are some design for fimir banners, such as these lads:

I like the design on the colour page with the dragonfly, also the one with the triskele and skull. The triskele is a good symbol in general, so I may use that more frequently for tattoos as well. There are also more Celtic style banner designs, such as:

I have two notions for what way to go with the design I do choose. Either, go with something similar to the coloured fimir banners, very bright and vivid, or something more like the boar (but simplified) which would look more like a tattoo. I would paint the banner to look like human skin, so the tattoo thing might horribly fit in. I may keep the skin idea for unit banners, and do the big coloured thing with the army banner.

I'd be very interested in what folks think, as I'm finding it hard to decide...


  1. Tricky one this. The banners are quite ornate, which might not fit in with bog daemons? I do like the Celtic imagery, but for me it needs to be fairly basic. The stylised boar is very nice, but why would fimir use it as a motif? It's also difficult to comment on the colours until you get some paint on the unit. Not much help I'm afraid.

  2. That's the problem, visualising it. The fimir will have am almost human flesh tone, with bronze armour and iron and stone weapons. Clothing will be leathers and natural furs, with leaders wearing red cloaks or tunics. I have no issue with relatively ornate banners, as the fimir shearl (according to the fluff) can produce quite detailed artistry. The boar is only an example, it's more the style I was trying to illustrate.

  3. Ignoring colours, in terms of the banner design, from the first set I only like the bottom left Triksele.
    From the second set, I'd agree with the dragon fly.

    They all(first & second set) look way to bright, or are too busy/too much going on.

    I like the human skin/boar idea, but perhaps not the boar? If you were to pick an animal which meant something to the Fimir, what would it be? Perhaps do that, but in the same style as the boar.

  4. Yeah, I think the dragonfly might be a possibility. Of course, they may not work on a wee tiny banner, as you say, they are pretty busy.

    The boar isn't a symbol I was thinking of using, just the style, but simplified. I have a snake and balor's eye symbol I plan to use for the 2 fimm units, as each one is dedicated to a particular daemon/God. As to the army banner, still not sure.

  5. The boar looks great - am I biased? - but the style too, and I'd bet you can do a lot with it. I like all of the black and white banners as well. If you're happy with ornate, any of those would get my vote.

    Thought you might like to see this too:

  6. I think I do like the style of the boar illustration. The tattoo thing for unit banners and the more colourful approach for the army banner is starting to win me over.

    A BIG thanks for that link, by the way.

  7. Personally I find all the banner ideas given by GW to be too garish. I haven't really found a solution yet, though I think a sculpted eblem on the end of a pole might look nicest, more of an icon or a roman standard. How about an enormous, decorative shield? Definitely like the stylised knotwork more than any realistic imagery for the Fimir.

  8. The shield might work, perhaps the large dwarf one from the king and shield bearers. I'm still having trouble with the banners. I have one banner made and I think the tattoo on stitched human skin idea is still strong.


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