Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fimir - Choose a Banner!

I'm starting to think about a design for my battle standard. I'm probably going to use the Impact miniatures Fimir as the battle standard bearer, with some heavy conversion. I've had some ideas for the banner, mostly Celtic artwork fimirised. There are some design for fimir banners, such as these lads:

I like the design on the colour page with the dragonfly, also the one with the triskele and skull. The triskele is a good symbol in general, so I may use that more frequently for tattoos as well. There are also more Celtic style banner designs, such as:

I have two notions for what way to go with the design I do choose. Either, go with something similar to the coloured fimir banners, very bright and vivid, or something more like the boar (but simplified) which would look more like a tattoo. I would paint the banner to look like human skin, so the tattoo thing might horribly fit in. I may keep the skin idea for unit banners, and do the big coloured thing with the army banner.

I'd be very interested in what folks think, as I'm finding it hard to decide...

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