Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vampire Counts - New Models

It looks as if the word has broken on the new vampire counts models, and it's a big kit, the zombie dragon, which interestingly, also doubles as a 'Terrorgheist'. That bit had me sit up and take notice.

Well now. So, a new unit for vampire counts! Sweet. Only having one image to look at, it looks pretty good in zombie dragon form, but I'll need to see the sprues. It's on an enormous base. Here's hoping for rider options, which every vc player will pillage mercilessly for mounted characters of every ilk.

What is even more interesting is the rumours of some major jigging with the army list. It seems wraiths and banshees are now heroes?! From Carpe Noctem:

All these new rules are meant to be official rules.

The Ghoul king mount thing. It's worth some more points than a Varghulf. It can be included as a mount for a ghoul king (which is any vampire lord with the ghoulkin vampiric power) or as a RARE UNIT.

It flies, causes terror, is large target, undead. I think it is WS3 or 5, not sure on that. S5, T6, W6, I3, A4, L??. It has a shooting attack similar to the banshee. Roll 2d6 + number of wounds remaining of the monster - Leadership of the target unit = No armour saves allowed wounds. Not sure on the range. I think it was 18". Probably less.

It can be upgraded with poisoned attacks and/or a special rule that inflicts 3d6 S2 hits on any BtB unit when it dies.

The wraiths become a hero choice, and it seems they can join units. They are the same stats as in the VC book, and can make an special attack, replacing its normal attacks. This special attack auto-wounds and doesn't allow armour saves. The model is plastic and has 3 different heads. It's like levitating, with a cloak and a scythe.

The banshees become a hero choice (not sure if they can join units). Not new rules. The model is great. Also levitating.

It isn't specified if the wraiths rare unit of the VC book is still usable.

I dearly hope the wraiths remain a rare choice, but all this is pretty shocking, as GW look to have returned to actually including official new rules in White Dwarf. This can only be a good thing, as long as it is managed well. Having the rules for your army in various places, bad. White Dwarf dishing our usable material, giving the game the possibility to be refreshed every month (though that might be overdoing it, but you get my jist) and respond to what the players want more rapidly, excellent. I shall be waiting for the August issue with great interest.


  1. Well that zombie dragon looks kick butt. I hope the new army book gives them some love, I'm getting reamed with them right now :)

  2. I've always loved the zombie dragon, but in 8th it's a cannon magnet. For now, no new rules. I picked up white dwarf today and there's new rules for the terrorgheist, wraith and banshee, but nothing else. I'm very tempted to field a gheist on it's own, the death shriek is incredible.


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