Friday, October 26, 2012

H&A Castle - Update 2

So, the castle painting epic trudges on. I now have all four of the plain wall sections finished. I say plain, but each one consists a wall and a tower, with a removable tower top showing the interior. Then there's either a stairway or a small building built into the inside wall. The roadway section up to the drawbridge is also done. So much drybrushing...

So, with two sections left I figured it was time for an update. This section has an entire house attached to the inside wall, again with a detailed interior. There's even a fireplace. I reckon I'll finish this tonight, leaving only the main gatehouse left to do. I won't be awful sorry to be finishing this project. It's a gift for a friend, and it's great to have worked on a castle, and I've learned a lot while doing it, but I'm ready to be finished now. However, in the near future I'm very much looking forward to sending some siege towers into it packed with hateful chaos dwarf warriors and burning the place to the ground. You can tell I'm missing my fimir, can't you? Speaking of which, you can just about make out the half-dead in the top right of the picture below, untouched and unloved, but this state of affairs will be changing in the very near future.

 Oh yes indeedy.

I'll pop up a shot or two of the finished castle next week, and we'll be back full tilt into fimir production. I've picked up some rather tasty Celtic-style shields from Scibor I'm really looking forward to using on some upcoming fimir heroes, but more on that later down the road.

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